Algerian Guy SelfSuck His Own Big Penis

Welcome Hot-teens fanatic! I have another interesting gay story of a fairly muscular Algerian guy that can blowjob his own penis. Yes, that is right! He has a huge white cock, the girth is above average. The gentleman’s flexibility makes it easy for him to be able to bend and selfsuck his dick, and please himself. In this erotic article, I will also give you some tips of howto self suck your penis.

Masturbating White Guy from Algeria

His name is Stefan a 25 years old guy from Algeria. Stefan enjoys receiving head from his girlfriend a Horny Blonde PigTail Girl. His hot GF thinks this muscular dude is an addict of blowjob. He will surf his dick in her mouth with every opportunity he gets. This guy is very popular among the cheerleaders at his school, they all know him for his long, enormous dick. When Stefan met his blonde girlfriend, she couldn’t stop flirting with him and touch his muscles. They talked for a while and the conversation got heated. Both headed to the restroom where the naughty pigtail babe went on her knees to suck his massive dick.

Break Up with GF and Guy Squeeze His Dick

Algerian Guy Masturbate Penis

Stefan’s blonde girlfriend is so good at sucking dick, that she made this dude cum in a short period. The GF of this Algerian guy waited for his cock to be engorged again so that he can insert it in her wet vagina and give it to her from behind. The relationship was full of sexual and erotic moments while it lasted. This fairly muscular dude made her give him many blow jobs, sometimes even in the elevator or in restaurants. When the two started dating, her amateur teen ass keeps getting bigger because Stefan always gave her backshots, and she likes that a lot. The blond girlfriend makes him finger her butt hole while they were together.

Algerian Guy Strokes Own Dick

When they break up, Stefan misses the way his Exploited College Girl turns wild usually gives him head. He is addicted to get his penis sucked from his pigtail girlfriend. He can’t go a day without getting his huge white cock getting blowed. He’s desperately in need of naughty girl that can help him out, just like his ex-hot girlfriend does. This dude has many tricks under his sleeves. Stefan keeps thinking of ways to get his dick licked by the hot ex-girlfriend, he came up with an idea to send some Snapchat nudes to her. In the selfsuck nude pictures he sent to her, he was holding his enormous cock, and asked her if she missed it and will like to suck his dick again. Unfortunately, for him, the hot ex-girlfriend already blocked him on all social media. 

SelfSuck Tips and Tricks

Guy Self Suck Own Penis

Stefan could not hold it together anymore, so he decided to start stroking and pleasure himself. But what he wants is to have a tongue around his white cock. He couldn’t get the ex-girlfriend who does it for him. So he decided to selfsuck his own penis. That was when Stefan started bending his tongue towards his penis to pleasure himself. It was hard for him to do at first as reaching his penis was not an easy thing to do, but Stefan keep trying till his tongue started touching the glance of his penis. He kept rubbing his tongue on it just like his pigtail blonde ex-girlfriend usually do. Below are collections of pictures of this dude self sucking his penis.

Gay Self Suck Big Penis
Self Sucking Penis Guy
SelfSuck His Own Dick
Howto Self Suck Own Penis
Self Sucking Own Big Penis

How to do this

Gay Guy SelfSuck Big Penis

First of all you need to have a slim body and an above Average Penis Size. The key is, you need to have a flexible backbone and neck. Yoga training focus on these parts will help a lot. In Yoga term it’s called ‘cobra’, ‘downward facing dog,’ and ‘the plow. For a beginner, I would recommend to lay down and put your legs to your head, like you want to do a reverse head roll. After training your backbone and neck for awhile, you can slowly try it in the seated position. To be able to suck your own penis feels like heaven. No one else in the world knows better what you like. That’s also the reason why men reach orgasm the fastest if masturbating.

Another option is to go into surgery and remove some of your spine. This is the fastest way but, I wouldn’t recommend that. It might can give you some issues at old age. According to a study of Alfred Kinsey a famous biologist. Only 2 out of 1000 men can only selfsuck the penis. So don’t feel bad or rush to achieve this top level solo sex trick.

White Dude SelfSuck Penis
SelfSuck His Own Penis
Guy Self Blowjob Masturbate

Orgasm After Self Sucks His Penis

Masturbate Dick and Come

Stefan didn’t stop self suck his penis until he came, and he felt relaxed. After giving himself head, he realized that it was still not as good as his ex GF. This blond babe must be a porn queen. Stefan was recording himself the whole time while he blowjobbed himself. When finished, this muscular Algerian guy with an enormous penis decided to turn the recording into Homemade Porn only for himself. This gentleman is a nasty freak with so many sexual fantasies.

Solo Stroke Penis Orgasm Sex
Solo HandJob Guy Big White Penis

When Stefan and his ex-girlfriend were together, Stefan was also enjoying another girl among the cheerleaders. The other girl is more busty than his ex and Stefan ex-girlfriend won’t keep quiet about how big her boyfriend’s penis is. So as Stefan was eying the Busty High School Student has been fantasizing about his big dick from the sex stories they heard from his blonde hair girlfriend. The busty teen approached Stefan at a party when she noticed that his girlfriend was not at the party. It didn’t take this big titted teen much time to get what she wanted. The college teen fucked his engorged penis but refused to give him head after he made her cum from an intense quickie. 

Guy Self Suck and Cum on own Body

I hope you enjoyed this autofellatio story. There are several other fappening stories of Ripped Sexy Naked Men With Huge Dicks, you can check it out to please yourself. Keep checking this sex blog for more nudes and explicit stories. 

Reminder: I bet you are excited and want to try howto self suck. Enjoy this solo blowjob but keep it slow! If you can lick your own glance it’s already a good progress. For many it take years to be able to deepthroat your own penis. It takes time and lot of practice to be the king of masturbating!