Big Wiener in the Shower After a Game

I was on a soccer team with my neighbors. Since I have to share a little privacy with the boys, I am tempted to watch more than I should when we are in the shower after a game. It has been 2 years since we carry out this routine of changing or dressing in the same room. Among so many sexual jokes that are usually made in these situations, I have been attracted to several of my colleagues. It is common to see a big wiener, although, for everyone it seems natural, for me, it has become a very erotic situation.

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The first one that I was able to look a little morbid was Marcos. We have seen ourselves grow in this time. Every time I can get next to him in the shower, I take advantage of discreetly looking at the defined body that sport has left him.

His abdomen is so strong and sexy. I would dare to give him the first blowjob. Seeing him pass the soap over this area makes me immediately horny and tried to hide my erection. Sometimes I can’t control it and I have to quickly get out of the shower to avoid being seen.

Heavy testicles hang down on him that seem to be full of semen at all times. I have wanted to unload it all.

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Luis has become the tough guy on the team since he’s tattooed. He seems to have adopted another personality, the shy naked college guy we knew. Luis has been changed for a tough one with a very high sexual libido. The tattoo he has made him look like a sex-machine. He has always seemed cute to me, but now he only inspires me with rough sex. His wiener is somewhat short but thicker than average. Others have always made jokes about his thickness and while they find it funny, it leaves me excited every time I imagine him entering my ass.

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Fernando is the tallest on the team. He plays as a defense and whenever I have to face him, I feel intimidated by his height. Pretending that he is invincible, I just enjoy the warmth that he gives me in every attack.

In the shower, I have tried to be close to him, but he does not leave much to see. He usually stands in the corner guarding his nakedness, however, among so many men, in any neglect it is possible to see everything he has.

Big Flaccid White Wiener

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A few days ago I arrived early and I could see him dry freely in the locker room. I froze and pretended to be looking at him like everyone else, but he noticed my nervousness. He flashed his wiener, where I felt it long and although I saw it at rest, I could imagine that growing up it would be a great tool that could hardly be sucked easily.

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While at home thinking about what I had seen. I began to imagine his big white wiener, as hard and erect as iron. It was easy to masturbate after seeing him completely naked. I went into my bathroom and put off my clothes, couldn’t stop masturbating thinking about deep throat swallowing Fernando’s huge and veiny dick.

Closing my eyes, I saw myself kneeling in the shower with this man’s penis taking my breath away. The thought of feeling him pushing my head up to his testicles and hitting me hard with his hips were enough scenes to have me as hard as possible.

From that moment a sexual desire was awakened in me. I could see the whole team making a circle and bang me. One after another, I already had enough desire to experiment and I did not care if I had to do it with everyone.

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Our goalkeeper is a young Dominican, with thick legs and a super hard ass. Gerald always looked very serious and intimidating. He never participated in sexual jokes or topics, claiming that he had everything well proportioned and was not affected by criticism, and it was true. I could see him once urinating and his big black wiener, it was a challenge for any lover. His fully exposed glans were so thick that feeling him enter would require patience.

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When I was about to finish my sexual task in the bathroom, Hugo’s huge wiener came to my mind. Once he came out of the shower with a great erection. Since then I have engraved in my mind, the curved shape of his member, including the prominent vein that he has in the upper part.

At that moment I accelerated my straw, and touching my anus, I dreamed of being penetrated by this great mast. Since then I see our soccer team as a group of hot teen guys. If you want to see more naked dudes like them offering their Dick Pics, and the best male teen nudes, search our FappeningBlog for the variety of free porn.