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Hi Guys, before I begin, let me introduce you to this gorgeous petite girl “Alexis”. She Is currently pursuing a course in software development. So I met her at the bar when I was spending time with my childhood friends. My friends dared me to hit on “Alexis” by offering her a free round of beer. But I did not expect that things would turn out so amazing between us. So I am able to share these naked girls pics in this FappeningBlog today.

So, as part of dare, she not only accepted my offer but also offered me a round of beer. Well, why would I say no to a gorgeous teen no matter what she is offering? Before I miss the opportunity my handsome penis signaled me in banging her tonight.  Maybe it was the effect of beer she offered me. Without thinking, I told my friends to wait and watch. They started teasing me like I don’t have the guts to take her with me. I stood up and sat with her. Soon one thing led to another and I was on my way to her rented apartment nearby. I guess my friends would have learned something. Anyways.

So when I entered her apartment she told me to wait till she change her clothes but the most awesome part was that she started changing in front of me.  

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Well, I must say this teen is out of control. Without giving me an opportunity to take my dick out she not only undressed but also made this fucking doggy style position on the bed. 

Look at her lusty lips. It’s like she was born with these glowing lips. Did you see , there is no single mark on her body. Man it would be so smooth to grab her lusty body. Is that a panty or a short, I don’t know whatever it is, it’s time to grab her tiny butt and get in that position she wants me to be.

Nude Petite Girls Pics

So I switched off the lights and got close to her. Well, Alexis was quick enough to tease me like a cat. You can guess this by her expression, how she is getting ready to get banged tonight. Just want to press her tiny boobs from behind with my middle finger and don’t want to stop pressing until I put my dick inside her YoungPussy. Have a look at the shape of her ass. I didn’t know it was so perfectly round and clean when I saw her in the bar. 

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Alexis did not stop teasing me by changing her positions. At this time she looked so flexible and perfect. I immediately decided I will fuck her in all the positions today. Just want to grab her super smooth hairs and lick her petite body from top to bottom.

But did you know what happened before I began, someone knocked at her door. Man I got scared  but I was surprised by Alexis way of opening the door because she was very calm like she knew who was there.

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It was no other than her roommate “Jessica”. What happened next was like a dream come true. Jessica after seeing my big white dick still ready to fuck both of them quickly grabbed my hand and took this position.

OMG. Her hot red perfectly shaved vagina was so attractive that I had no time to think but fuck her like a dog. So after smelling her panty I threw it away and fucked her very hard by grabbing her legs in the same position. At that time I did not know her name even. 

Then after making her vagina more hot red I sucked her nipples tightly and fucked her till she started making loud noises.

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In this naked girls pic, Jessica was also encouraged by her roommate’s behavior. At this time she jumped on her bed and started teasing me by making this position.

Well, I was getting impatient to fuck her but seeing her in this position made me realize that she is capable of having sex the whole night. Look how flexible she is. I wonder If she is a Yoga Teacher. Just wanted to eat her right pink nipple trying to peak at my dick.

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Then the moment I tried grabbing her legs she showed her escaping skills by standing around the kitchen like this. Her hair was like a celebrity. Just felt like sleeping in her beautiful lusty hair. To be honest I couldn’t wait to suck her juicy naked girl nipples to the end.

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Finally, I managed to grab her lusty petite body on the bed in this position. As my handsome penis was fully ready, I quickly pulled her legs towards my dick and started digging her big red vagina. I fucked her by standing at the edge of the bed and held her hair tightly till she screamed to make me stop.  

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