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Her name is Rosa. Currently pursuing a digital marketing course from New York and born in Mexico. She is one of those Exploited College Teens who knows exactly what your dirty mind is thinking. Even if you don’t think that way, she will make it happen after seeing her local nudes with perky nipples.

I call her the ambassador of flashing tits. Because when I was buying the last jar of peanut butter at my favorite Grocery store, she immediately flashed her tits and snatched it away from me. She totally made me forgot about what I was buying. 

But having a quick look at those mouth-watering tits was not enough for my weenie. So, my dick and I started a conversation about not letting this Tequila girl go without riding it. I followed her inside the store, buying the same products she was buying. After she noticed me doing the same, she tells me to pick up condoms for her. I was like what is happening?

My weenie was already hungry for 2 months for a vagina to dive in and now this cute Mexican teen Rosa who is ready to fulfill my desire in every way then why the hell am I wasting time buying stupid groceries. So,  I hinted to her to give me her number by speaking loudly about the serial numbers of the products, which is the most stupid way of asking a cute girl’s number. She suddenly came in front of me and said “You are cute, let’s fuck tonight. This is my serial number. Call me when your dick wants.” And she sneaks her number in my pocket by touching my penis tightly and left.

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Luckily my parents were out of town and I called her. You know what, she showed up in 5 min with some beers. It was like she was sent by the universe to satisfy my dick immediately. I told her if you are hungry I can make some food for you, she said you are enough to satisfy my hunger. Again my idiotic mind trying to have a conversation when it was not needed at all.

She requested to have beer on a big jar. She seemed more experienced then me when she said this but she didn’t knew that I made a bet with my dick today to show her who is more experienced. When I was opening the beers in the kitchen and came towards the main room where she was waiting, I saw this.

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Guess there is no doubt why she is the Ambassador of flashing tits now. Pulling her lusty, soft , comfortable hairs like that and watching me straight into the eyes with that level of confidence was like the perfect bitch I needed.

Seeing those perky nipples so closely made me wanna eat them right now. In this local nude her yellow t-shirt was like trying to kiss her Mexican boobs but she pulled it up perfectly for me. I must say, this cute teen was one to ride my dick for hours.  

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She immediately came more close to me and said lick them like a dog. Then she covered my mouth by smothering her tits onto my face. For a moment I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t want to get out of her boob’s land.

Then she looked at me and smiled by saying let’s go for another round. I must say, that round aroused me enough to make my sperm come out. Then she looks at me with these shining lips and her “ready to die for” hairs. I realized my stamina is nothing in front of her.

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In this local nude, she gave me this killer pose and removed her shorts to show me her favorite colored panty. I mean this cutie pie was a one-stop shop for having perfect sex without wasting time.

Seeing her Mexican boob pressed like that by her hand, her cute smile, and her transparent pantee made me wanna rip that pantee off right now. Enjoying this Leaked Teen Nudes so far? 😀

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No wonder she knows exactly how to tease my horny dick. Look at her shape. She must be a swimming champion by carrying this sexy bum. With this look, even my television felt like taking out his penis and fuck her right now. No Kidding!

This was the first time when I felt like fucking her the whole day and not opening the door even if my family show up or anyone in the world. She is mine. Each organ is mine to eat today. 

No wonder I fucked her by pushing against the sofa for 4 hours without rest and spanked her ass until she said please stop, similar to the 18 year old Topless Katy I fucked before!

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I stopped for a minute when she told me to stop. I kept on moving the skin of my dick until she was taking a rest. Her Mexican teen Pussy became hot red and she was trying to pull her panty up quickly. This aroused me more and I fucked her again for few hours. This time she did not tell me to stop because I guess she was ready for more now. 

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