How to Become a Nude Model

Nude models have been popular since ancient Greece. Their work is quite challenging, but at the same time, well-paid. If you want to become a nude model, you need to feel comfortable in your body, know how to pose, and present yourself accordingly to the occasion. Such models can be found at the link, and they serve as an example of openness. If you want to enter the world of art and earn good money, follow the recommendations outlined in this article.

Best Model Examples

The compilation opens with a collection of spicy shots of Demi Rose, who is often referred to as the ‘British Kim Kardashian’ for a good reason. This young woman with luxurious curves is not at all shy about posing in the most revealing outfits.

Also, 27-year-old Brazilian beauty Giselle Oliveira is determined to make the most of summer and seizes every opportunity to enjoy her beach vacation once again.

Canadian model and Playboy star Lexi Wood is now the official ambassador for Rihanna’s brand, SAVAGE X FENTY, which means her page will soon feature photos in this very lingerie.”

Prepare for Posing

Nude models usually use four main poses during a session. These include standing, sitting, half-reclining, or lying down:

  • Standing pose involves standing in different positions;
  • Sitting pose can showcase your back or chest;
  • Half-reclining pose requires lying on a couch or sofa;
  • Lying pose involves lying on your stomach, propping up the upper body on elbows, as if reading a magazine on the beach. 

These are four static poses, but there are also numerous movements and gestures used in the work.

Be ready to take various poses and maintain them for some time. If you need to move during the session, ask someone to mark the position of your body.


Undress. After you meet the artist and get comfortable in their studio, undress. You can do it in the dressing room or, if there’s none, behind a screen. Use privacy to focus and prepare for posing as a nude model. Take off your clothes and put on your robe and slippers.

Take your place as assigned for the model. Remove your robe and slippers. Follow the artist’s instructions. Try to move as little as possible. Freeze. Look at one point and don’t try to make eye contact with the artist. Relax but don’t move away from the initial position. You may be asked to keep track of the time for posing, or the artist will inform you when the session ends.

If you are asked to take a pose that you find difficult to hold for a long time, it’s better to say so right away instead of trying to stay still.

End of the Session

Get dressed. When the session is over, put on your robe and return to the place where you changed your clothes, then put on your regular clothes. Say goodbye to the artist. Bring a notepad and pen when leaving the dressing room in case the artist wants to work with you again. It’s also a good idea to have business cards to give to potential employers.