Lewd Babe in Overwatch Costume ”Ashe” Shows Her Naked Butt

Lewd OW costume stripping naked in photoshoot

Here are erotic cosplay pictures of Ashe naked, the cowboy hero of the game Overwatch. I love it when a sexy lady with a hot body portrays one of my favorite characters. Today, you will get to see a nice, hot chick with a bangable body. This hottie has that type of butt that you want to bury your face in and suffocate yourself with her ass. The baddie possesses the type of tits that no guy will refuse. If you are familiar with Ashe from OW, you must know that she is one of the sexiest characters of the game.

Here are a few things you should know about her. This hot character is the leader of a gang called Deadlock Gang. Who would join Ashe’s gang with her divine body? If I’m given the opportunity of joining her gang, I won’t think twice about it. Though, I will join with the mindset of getting lucky one day and getting to share a bed with the sexy leader. Just imagine how much you will enjoy burying your dick in the butt of a sexy cowboy gang leader. 

Overwatch cosplay in cowboy uniform

I’m sure you will want to punish her tight butt with your dick after this naked Ashe session. Another thing I know about this gang leader is that the Overwatch hero isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You fellas should be happy to hear that. For me, hearing that is like a song to my ear, I’m a nasty guy myself. When we are on the bed together, I will be the one getting my hands dirty when I dig my fingers into her butthole and force her to lick it clean after.

Sexiest Cowgirl On Planet Earth

Have thought about how pleased you will feel when you dominate such a powerful least with your penis? I always had a fetish for Naked Cowgirls. Just imagine this powerful lady begging you to keep fucking her. I wonder how anyone will want to fight Ashe with this topless body. If I’m part of her rival gang, I will surrender myself to her without any doubt and beg her to punish me with a cowboy whip.

Topless big boobs Overwatch cosplay babe
Round cowgirl butt Ashe
Hot Ashe outfit from Overwatch in real life

In this part of the naked Ashe article, the focus will be on the nice-looking butt of this cosplayer. I mean, if this beautiful chick can resemble an Overwatch hero so much just by wearing her costume, I’m certain that this is how the ass of the main character herself will look like. One of the special abilities of this gang leader is that this badass usually reloads her weapon one bullet at a time, which is known as the Viper.

This chick must be fast in reloading. I guess Ashe will like it faster too when you are thrusting her so hard. Let me tell you a secret, one of the weaknesses of her is that she can’t withstand close combat. I don’t know if you understand how her weakness will help you. Ok, I will explain further. Since Ashe can’t withstand close combat, that means you will be able to dominate her when you are having sex. The sexy cowgirl with a nice, tight looking butt will be at your mercy when you bend her over to give her your big gun from behind.

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Perfecttly round booty in black thong
Nude OW lewd cosplayer as Ashe in bath

Hot Ashe Outfit In Real Life

Big cosplay tits Ashe from Overwatch
Sexy cowgirl booty in black thong

You can make her use that table she held in the above picture as support. A lewd babe like Ashe will like it rough. So, I will just bend this baddie over or push her again the table, then put her Tiny Black Thong aside. After, I will bite her ass cheeks like eating them the way I eat apples. Follow that up by sticking my finger up her butt and finger this gang leader until she pleads for more. 

Ashe’s firm boobs would be bouncing when you thrust her hard and pleasant. Just imagine a gang star tits bounce, and you are the cause of it. You can ask the sexy goddess to choke you with her tits and make you beg for it. No doubt this dirty cosplayer is into BDSM Porn as well. Merely looking at Ashe’s hot body will tempt you to dig your big cock out of your trouser and stroke while you think of the nasty things you will do to this sexy babe.

Ashe stripping naked
Lewd Overwatch Ashe in real life with big tits on the table

Unfortunately, we have come to the end of this erotic cosplay article. I know you are enjoying the sexy cosplayer as the character she portrayed. If you are a Overwatch fan like me, you have to take a look at this Overwatch Porn E-Girl Tracer Nude Cosplayer. This cute character of the game will be displayed with big naked oppai and a good ass.