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Little Yelena… I’ve known her for years. She’s an ordinary girl who used to live next door to me. Although she was always friendly, we used to tease her for being quite skinny. Her mother divorced her father and I lost touch with her. Until recently, we coincided on something: a visit to our old neighborhood. When I saw her obviously my mind was thinking how delicious that skinny girl looked, but it was a total surprise to learn that it was Little Yelena Brooks who lived next door to me. Let’s take a better look at the hotpussypics of my old neighbor friend.

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I’m not going to lie, little Yelena Brooks was no longer that skinny girl we used to joke about. Disappearing for a while seemed to have done her a lot of good. Her Naked Natural Teen Breasts had grown to the point that they had become the perfect size. The most attractive thing was how round and firm they were, making my eyes go straight to them. This girl had become a delectable lady who made me almost completely forget that I was going to my old neighborhood to visit my parents.

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But best of all was her gaze. Yelena didn’t seem to remember the old me that constantly teased her, if she didn’t look at me with the piercing eyes of a beast in heat. Perhaps we had both changed. Obviously, the old friendship could be improved in a very simple way: by inserting my hungry penis inside her hot pussy. There is nothing that sex can’t improve in a friendship and those who say otherwise, are completely wrong

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The looks changed to mischievous smiles. It should be noted that in my mind, I just wanted to imagine her completely naked in front of me, as she slowly invited me to get on top of her. Yelena looked wild and playful in this red undie. Surely by placing me on top of her in missionary she would wrap her long legs around me as she moaned beneath me.

Her luscious hotpussy would mold into a perfect shape while her moans would only make my cock get harder and harder, so I could satisfy her in a better way. It was all going through my mind as she looked at me with that mischievous smile and we talked a little about our past.

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Little by little we forgot about that awkward encounter as the sexual tension was increasing. After all, resisting those perfect boobs and that delectable look was impossible for me. She clearly seemed to have been a long time without having had rough and satisfying sex. Finally, she asked the question that triggered it all: What do you do for a living these days?

She had already mentioned to me that she was a model for an underwear brand. I’ve never been good at lying when I’m horny. Therefore, I simply replied: “I’m a writer for a blog called Hot Teens, and I also do photography for it”.

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This phrase made this blonde friend, decide to abandon her plans to go visit her parents. And ask me something that she would be sure I would do: “And if we go to a nearby hotel and have a session for your magazine?”

What would you have done in my place? A delectable naked lady with a nice hot pussy and great tits comes up to you and asks you to go to a hotel to take 18 years old Nudography“. Obviously I also ditched my plans to have a full afternoon fucking her in a thousand possible ways.

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Little Yelena made me look like an idiot by taking off her clothes. Within seconds, she was naked posing for me showing me. Not only her hot pussy, but also her delicious booty, which was practically screaming for me to put my weenie inside.

Her smile was still macabre. Even though she obviously wanted to have furious sex with me, she enjoyed tempting me and making me want to throw myself on her every second. Finally, she asked me to take some nude pussy pictures. Which was the reason our photo shoot ended in a creampie: “Can you do a close up?”

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The last thing my mind could do when I brought my camera close to her hot tight pussy, was to take the pics and look at her butthole and listen to my animal mind. Without thinking I grabbed her by the hips as if I were a beast, and she at first tried to regain control. However, it was too late for this Exploited College Girl.

I just pulled down my pants, without thinking too much I introduced my big penis inside her. She started moaning as she moved. It was a singular and delicious sex session where I made her scream.

After that session Yelena and I went back to our old neighborhood. Less anxious and ready to visit our parents, however, she left me her number. If you want to know more about Yelena in the future and my plans with her, stay tuned in this FappeningBlog.