Top 5 Asian Lesbian Perverted Women Under 30 Years Old!

Japan is undeniably full of beauty, especially when it comes to its women. There’s a reason why they’re one of the most searched-for models in adult entertainment. Aside from having stunning bodies, the performers know exactly what it takes to entertain and satisfy the audience. Whether they’re in sensual and romantic scenes or kinky and hardcore ones, the quality of their performance is consistently amazing and breathtaking. Unfortunately, most people have a difficult time finding the spiciest Japanese girls, especially if they’re searching for lesbian pornography. With this list, we will show you the most beautiful Japanese lesbian perverts who love to delight viewers with their phenomenal performance. Also, if you are interested in this genre, you can find more content at


#5 Miyuki Arisaka

Born: January 6, 1998

Measurements: B90 / W54 / H84

Cup Size: G Cup

AV Activity: November 2017

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 161cm

Nationality: Japanese

Miyuki Arisaka Instagram: @miyuki_mgr

Overview: There’s no better girl to start off the list than the wonderful Miyuki Arisaka. This stunning 25yo has been active in the industry since 2017 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Thanks to her slim figure and G Cup breasts, she’s able to perform a plethora of roles that are guaranteed to mesmerize the viewers. Being 161cm tall also helps her put her breathtaking figure in the naughtiest positions imaginable, which is exactly why everyone adores watching her lesbian scenes. She also has social media accounts where she shows off her beauty often, so make sure to check her out on  

When it comes to Miyuki’s performances, she’s quite shy and cute, which makes her perfect for submissive roles. Despite being shy, she adores hardcore sex, so she’s more than happy to be tied up and whipped relentlessly. Scenes like BBAN-237, in which she’s seduced by her lustful lesbian aunt, perfectly showcase her submissive nature. Although she’s a sub most of the time, there are some movies in which she musters up the courage to be more dominant, such as DAZD-117.


#4 Rena Aoi

Born: March 18, 1996

Measurements: B78 / W57 / H83

Cup Size: A Cup

Sign: Pisces

Height: 158cm

Nationality: Japanese

Rena Aoi Instagram: @reina_aoi_official

Overview:  This naughty 27yo has been making some of the hottest scenes in the industry since her debut in 2018. Unlike other petite girls in the scene, Rena’s 158cm tall frame and A Cup don’t stop her from being put in more dominant roles. Since her beautiful body is somewhat on the smaller end, you can expect to see her in a plethora of kinky positions that other performers aren’t capable of performing. She’s also active on social media, so take a peek at her on to see her personal side as well.

Whenever Rena’s in a scene, you’re guaranteed to see some of the hottest lesbian sex imaginable. Most of her roles are that of a seductress, such as AUKG-470 and CESD-987. In both of those, she perfectly showcases the beauty of seducing young, shy girls into having some kinky lesbian fun. Although she knows how to tease cuties slowly, she doesn’t mind being rougher. In DGCEMD-012, she amazingly shows her rougher side as she slaps, spanks, fingers, and teases the cute brunette and turns her into her own personal sex toy.

#3 Shinsei Asai

Shinsei Asai3.jpeg

Born: December 16, 1998

Measurements: B87 / W57 / H88

Cup Size: E Cup

AV Activity: September 2019

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 151cm

Nationality: Japanese

Shinsei Asai Instagram: shinsiaa_

Overview:  The cute and sensual Shinsei Asai made her debut in late 2019 and has done a perfect job of showing the world why Japanese girls are so amazing. Her petite 151cm frame makes it easy for her to get into any sort of position or role depending on the theme of the video she’s starring in. To make things even better, her stunning E Cup boobs perfectly accentuate her whole figure and make her look incredibly mesmerizing. Her divine face and wonderful body you can also see on she loves posting regularly.

Despite being somewhat newer in the industry, Shinsei has shown that she means business. No matter what scene she’s in, she easily immerses the audience into the act thanks to her beautiful eyes and phenomenal acting skills. In BBAN-358, for example, she grips the audience within seconds of being in the role of a cute school council president who’s secretly a lesbian masochist. In others, such as SDMUA-005, she doesn’t even have to try to seduce the viewers with her soft voice since her erotic sexual acts do all the talking.

kotorishima5 (1).jpeg

#2 Kotori Shima

Born: January 1994

Measurements: 98 / 58 / 85

Cup Size: H Cup

Height: 154 cm

Hair Color(s): Brown

Nationality: Japanese

Kotori Shima Instagram: handa_sasa.

Kotori Shima Twitter: 1208kotori

Overview:  Putting Kotori Shima in the number two spot is a no-brainer. Compared to the rest of the cuties on this list, Kotori has that classic Japanese petite beauty but with the addition of juicy boobs and even a little booty. Finding hotties like her is extremely rare, hence why she’s sought after by anyone who truly adores Japanese lesbians. To make things even better, she adores posting spicy pictures on her social media, so if you want to see her on a daily basis, make sure to follow her on

What separates Kotori Shima from the rest is that she’s not afraid of showing her extremely kinky personality. Scenes such as AD-697 and CMC-268 are just a few in which she fulfills her raunchy fantasies of being bound, tickled, and used relentlessly. Since she truly does have a ton of fetishes that she adores, watching her perform guarantees immersion and satisfaction.
Natsuki Narumi2.jpeg

#1 Natsuki Narumi

Born: October 25, 1995

Measurements: B90 / W60 / H95

Cup Size: H Cup

Sign: Scorpio

Height: 159cm

Nationality: Japanese

Natsuki Narumi Instagram: narumi_05

Overview:  No girl deserves the number one spot more than the naughty 27-year-old Natsuki Narumi. Thanks to her pretty face, 159cm tall frame, and beautiful H Cup boobs, she has managed to mesmerize anyone she comes across. That’s precisely why she’s got a pretty large following on her social media accounts, so take a peek at her at prepare to be seduced by her lustful eyes in seconds.

No matter what video of hers you load up, you’re guaranteed to see some of the hottest lesbian sex on the internet. A scene such as EVIS-225 is a perfect example of how amazingly she uses her beautiful body and raunchy tongue skills to make other girls cum within seconds. On top of being phenomenal at pleasing viewers and her partners, she also loves receiving pleasure, so expect to hear her mesmerizing moans get louder the longer she has her stunning body teased.