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Everyone, Meet Anika.  She belongs to a rich Russian family. So, of course she don’t have to work for a living but she has a hobby of transforming herself into a sexy cosplay anime character every week. Not to brag but she is my Naughty Ex GF from many years ago. Please don’t ask how I grabbed this super sexy tee. After breaking up with my latest girlfriend I was missing Anika a lot. We met almost 3 years ago on a road trip to Las Vegas. So, I decided to meet her again and gave her a call. Seems like she was also missing  me.   

In order to relive our memories we went to Las Vegas again and stayed on a hotel. Of course, she payed all the bills. You know my rich ex girlfriend. We decided to make this a holiday trip memorable and no strings attached after the trip. She was cool about it.

We went out and had a lot of fun in the city. I had beers as always and Anika had Rum, which kind of surprising  to notice because she never had Rum when we were together. I could see drunk Anika ready to suck my whole hungry penis anytime. So we went to our Hotel and she told me to keep my eyes closed for 10 min because she has a surprise for me.

Horny Ex GF as Elf Cosplayer


After 10 minutes, seeing her in that sexy cosplay anime look, my mind was blown away by realizing that she was looking more cute and hot then before . I felt like I was looking at a super elf angel.

Seeing her super round ass, those artistic tattoos , her perfect face and of course that levitating tushy, OMG! Just blew away my entire 3 years separation pain from her in just one moment.

Red Haired Cosplayer in Doggy Style

Look at the curve of her ass. She’s a lot fitter then before, I must say. Her body is so clean. At this moment she is horny as fuck.

I started acting mature and sat down on the sofa by complementing her. My penis was ready to bust her anytime but by acting mature I wanted to arouse her and myself perfectly before banging her whole night.

She seemed confused by my behavior and started arousing me by changing positions. Don’t think of her as my Amateurcrush Petite Girlfriend. The bitch exactly knows how to make your penis jerk off without her touching you.

Sexy Cosplay Anime in Doggy Style

At this time she was the cutest elf cosplay anime bitch ever. Just felt like banging her in that same position until her levitating fluid comes out.

Such lusty hairs and lips with her sexy way of looking at me, confused me from where I should start. 

Horny Cosplay Anime Sweet Teen

I started feeling hot, so I gave a little room to my dick by bringing him out to greet her.

Seeing my half-hard penis , Anika smiled at me through that clever look. I then immediately realized that I would begin by holding her lusty red hair in the same position and fuck her hard by biting that pure shiny ass.

Petite Tattooed Cosplay Anime Nudes

Nude Cosplay Anime Elf

Her Tiny Teen Tits are so soft that I could just suck them to the end of its nerve. God! Her panty was looking so luscious , I wonder what it would be like making her elf vagina wet all over the bed.

Anika hinted me to come forward and I had no option but to make her suck my penis completely and make it erect full size.

Nudes of Cosplay Anime Player

See her so close I couldn’t believe whether I was about to fuck my ex-gf or an animated cartoon. She was unreal. Such an amazing art on her skin and face was uncanny.

Sexy Cosplay Anime with Red Hair

Each part of her body was unique in itself. At this time I inserted my penis inside her mouth till it got extremely wet. But this look on her face wanted more.

Stunning Cosplay Anime Babe

She turned herself in this position and started begging more for my big white cock.

Cosplay Anime Naked Tattooed Girl

Well I guess I must stop playing mature anymore. Its time to fulfill Anika’s wish. Just want to bite her boobs until they get completley red.

Nude Elf Costume with Tattooe

Look at her getting shy while I undress myself to fuck her whole night. Just want to pull her legs, torn that panty and start digging my penis into her vagina like a machine.

Naked Ex Girlfriend as Cosplay Anime

At this time i got behind her and told her to suck my dick again until my whole sperm spills into her mouth. You know what , she did it more perfectly then I imagined. Seems like she practiced a lot during these 3 years. For me she is not an elf but a monster in bed.

Petite Cosplay Anime Full Naked

Then my not so amateur girlfriend started showing me her wild side, which I was waiting for. Guess she was playing me and I thought I was playing her.

Small Nude Cosplay Ass

Aha! I know exactly where to spank and bite her in the ass now. She never had a tattoo on her ass. Guess I am the lucky one to see it. At this time I got on the bed and fucked her in the same position by pushing her against the wall.

Naked Cosplay Anime with Whit e Pupils

Horny Cosplay XXX as Elf with White Eyes

Then she told me to fuck her while laying down on bed but her pupils changed white. Before I say something she said “ Fuck me like an Evil”

White Pupip Cosplay Anime Porn on Bed

Seeing that look made me more wild then ever. Well, what better time would be then this, when Anika herself wants me to fuck her like an evil.

White Pupil Naked White Elf Coplayer

There was no stopping. I fucked this Tattooed Hentai Cosplayer like a horny alien in this position so hard that she kept on screaming like she want more and I did not stop until I wet the whole bed with her fluid. Fucking this cosplay anime girl with white pupils was such a great time. Hope we can meet again Anika!

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