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Quite busy recently with lot of request from my dear follows. One of them is Robert from Alaska. He got an exotic habit, that’s fapping outdoors. Robert decided to sent us his male masturbation photos to share with you guys. As you can see this white dude is HOT! Not an average sexy dude but a real stunning guy. He got a well-shaped body, not too muscular but you can see he do his exercises. This is the perfect body type that a teen likes nowadays. He didn’t said what his profession is. Seems like Robert is a Sexy Naked Male Model, if he isn’t, he definitely got potential.

Let’s start with the awesome upper body this hot male got!

Sexy Topless Guy in Boxer

What a sexy body Robert have there. Love to see this hot guy in his underwear. I am so exited to see him fully naked now.

The weather of that day seems a bit cold but with this hunk your temperature will increase for sure! Let’s not wait longer and see this dude going nude in the grassfield of Alaska.

Nude Guy in the Grass in Underwear

At this moment, this hunk is checking his penis if it’s already hard. If not he want to make it hard first before he show us his naked penis. Bet he just spit on his cock and stroke it a little bit.

Nude Dude is Going to Fapp Outdoors!

Naked Back from Handsome Guy
Full Naked Dude Touchin Butt in Nature

This nude guy is hesitating to do it or not. Robert, you are already naked! Just turn around and show use the other part of your stunning body.

Although I enjoy the view how you hold your butt, but I bet other readers can’t bare it anymore and want to your white dick. So please just turn around and start to fapp!

Nude Sexy Male Holding Dick

There we go, but seems like this nude dude is still a bit shy and holding his white penis. Common dude! Remove that hand an show us your precious. We want to see this sexy male masturbation right now!

Standing Male Masturbation

Male Masturbation Holding Dick Tight

Good boy, you see. When he reveal his boner the sun is shining. This will makes everything hotter than hot. Robert knows how to enjoy the day. Getting tanned and wank at the same time. That’s an good idea. I might give that one a try.

And I must say, the position is quite sexy as well. Standing masturbating with his right hand and holding his butt with the other hand.

Public Male Masturbation with Porn Magazine

Nude Male Masturbation Dick Pic
Clothless Male Masturbation in Grassfield

This naked hunk is really a wank master. He brought his favorite porn magazine for this male masturbation session.

Not even he got a well-shaped body but his dick size is fine too. Same as his body not too big and not too small. This is the Perfect Average Penis Size you can find for a white dude. Bet this lady killer had steal lot of pussies. How I know he is not gay? Take a closer look on the porn magazine and you can see he masturbates on nude girls photos.

Masturbating White Male Outdoors

Yes Robert! Squeeze those balls and make your white dick longer. You can see in his eyes he so is proud of his weener. You better keep on stroke that long penis it’s already hard for a long time. If you need some help, just give me a call! I have lot of volunteers follower on Hot-Teens that would love to help you out buddy.

Happy Ending Male Masturbation

Masturbating Guy on Porn Magazine in Public
Male Masturbation Stroking Penins

This FappeningBlog will end with a drop of his sperm. It’s not much but it’s ok. Seems like this sexy male masturbates often and is out of fuel. Well, thank you anyways to share your Hot Dick Pics with us Robert! It was really enjoyable how you start as a shy dude and end up with a happy ending.

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