Hot Cosplay Lesbian Bunny Costume Session

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Meet “Chiara” giving endless energy to her perfectly looking bunny costume on the left and “Alessa” whose beauty I think you already have figured out. Don’t you feel like touching her hair? For a moment they look like statues. Totally insane to believe they are real. You will be surprised to see these hot cosplay lesbians in this FappeningBlog.

For your information, they are Italian-based. Both of them are pursuing a Graphic Designer course. By their breathtaking looks, I think they designed this bunny dress themselves. So, a beautiful lesbian couple who are intelligent and wildly sexy, I mean what is happening.

How perfect would it be if I can just make them grab my both hands and walk with them towards one of the best pizza place in the town.  

hot cosplay as Bunny

We went to their rented house and while we were having fun, they suddenly gave each other this wild look. My cousin who introduced them to me warned me to go with the flow and don’t get shocked.

I  secretly started recording this wild cosplay porn. I mean why would I miss it, after all its my birthday.

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Then they went behind the couch and gave us this look. At this moment I really felt like throwing that couch out of the window and smash my dick right into “Alessa’s” bunny ass and also grab “Chiara” with the other hand and swirl my tongue in her mouth like a dog.

hot cosplay Lesbian bunny

Before I took out my magic stick they started playing with each other like we are not even sitting there. I must say Chiara was looking marvelous in that black costume. 

Sexy Lesbian Cosplayers

In this moment, seeing both of them like this made me feel like they were both meant for each other. Look at the intensity of love between them. I wish I could be that blackstrap covering “Chiara’s” student pussy.  

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I was shocked to see how Alessa grabbed Chiara so easily in this position. Alessa’s dying curves must be published in every magazine in the world. Now I am confused if the Elf Cosplay Nudes with big boobs are better than these lesbian bunnies.

Lesbian Cosplayers Starting to get Wild

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OMG, just look at Alessa’s ass. At this moment I took my long boner to show him where his target should be.

Bunny Lesbian Kissing

At this moment, I totally felt like diving inbetween and lick their whole mouth at once. I wish I had bigger mouth to suck their lips and tongue at once. Look at their lip biting look.

Sexy Cosplayers going Nude

Oops, I guess Chiara can’t wait any longer to suck Alessa’s juicy Tiny College Tits. At this moment my penis was getting wild enough to dig itself into their ass one by one. Just want to spank both of their ass at once.

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I guess Chiara exactly knows how to turn on her lesbian partner. Alessa is getting wild, I mean so wild that she can suck my dick whole night. I am going to be Chiara’s first love. This bitch is mine.

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Haha. Let’s see who undresses each other first. Chiara definitely have bigger sexual desire because she started first.  And Did you see ? There is no single scar on Alessa’s body. Wow! Is she real ?

Italian Lesbian Making Love

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This hot cosplay session is getting wilder. Yes Chiara, spank Alessa’s ass so hard as you mean it. The sound of spanking must reach outside the building. You know what, she actually did this. And after spanking Alessa’s super soft ass, she made this sexy orgasmic voice which made my penis so big that I had to stop it from touching the roof.

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At this moment Alessa finally made her partner shy. Chiara is wilder but is shy enough to get started.  As I sucked Chiara’s boob since morning by being her bra, I guess it’s Alessa’s turn now.

Naked hot cosplay Bunnies

At this moment, I made a bet with myself. Till the time they are taking their time, I will not stop shaking my dick until they are done. But my sperm must not come out. But you know, it was not possible because of these two sexy bitches showing such sexual positions. 

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Okay, so it’s time to undress Chiara finally. Thank you, Alessa for doing the lazy work. Remove it fast so that I can dive in and fuck both of you.

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Naked Lesbian Anime Sex

Look at Alessa, clever enough to keep the suspense going. But I can see Chiara’s super-licious boobs through my experienced eyes. No need to hide. 

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There you go. 1,2,3,4 highly seductive boobs right in front of me. No one can stop me from sucking the nipples of these tiny college teens now. And I will make Guinness World Record for it today itself.  

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I am coming in. My hard dick have enough oxygen now. Its time to fuck your perfectly round bunny ass Alessa.

Lesbian in Bunny Costume

I think they should now quit undressing the bunny costume and jump on my wet dick. I want Chiara first. Her perfectly shaped boobs, lips , skin are mine whole day.  

Two Naked girls in Costume

Okay. So finally they had a look at my long dick, which was perfectly ready. Chiara’s left boob was ready to be squeezed hardly by my left hand and Alessa seems shy but is ready to get wild.

Perfect Lesbian Butts Photoshoot

So finally got up and without thinking about anything and in order to celebrate my birthday, I licked the sexiest cosplay lesbian legs and spanked them as hard as I can.

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And fucked these hot cosplay bitches in this position whole night without letting them taking a rest.

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