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The sex story of today is about Eva. She lives in London. Currently training to become a professional tennis player. So I met her while training for tennis. There are various exercises directed by our coach to stay fit as a tennis player. Eva and I are in the same group btw. During training, I already noticed this British teen peaking at my dick. For a moment I thought she must be looking somewhere else but no way. Her eyes were so accurately stuck on my penis that made me feel, she is going to eat it right now.

I was aroused as well as confused. So, while going back home my doubt became clear. As I was about to start the car, she came towards my driver’s seat and said “ I want to discuss your tennis skills tonight and your way of grabbing the ball. And She looked right at my dick after saying this and disappeared like an angel.

So, the moment I reached home she sent me a self-shot on Whatsapp and said “ I need you to tell me with this image if I am fit enough for our upcoming match”.

And the first photo was ;

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This. First of all, I love girls with green eyes. And seeing her naked selfshot made me do ”whatt” for a second. But what else I was supposed to do with these Naked Amateur Photos. So, I decided to play dirty with her because that’s what the British teen wanted.   

British Naked Girl with Green Eyes

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Then she sent me this. This bitch seems an experienced player in arousing a man’s dick. Her tiny tits were expanding faster than her age. Just like sucking them both at once. That green eyes with blue panty with her full wide open legs made me wanna swirl my fingers inside her pussy right through the photo.

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Omg. She kept on going by sending more naked selfshots. I mean look at her perfect Young Brunette Ass. At this time she told me to send her my dick pic. I was like, the girl is now ready. So, I sent my penis photo fully aroused. And told her to take it right in your pussy till the end. You know what, she sent a voice message of making sexual noises. Man, this was getting interesting. While practicing tennis I never noticed her ass could look this amazing.

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When she sent me this I was like this is not good. How can this be over so fast? But in order to go on. I said your dressing style is amazing. And also said I want to be that mickey mouse on your t-shirt. 

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Then the real game began and she sent me this. Seeing her perfectly shaped ass made me wanna fuck her so hard that I could just stay in this position by grabbing her boobs and covering her mouth and I just keep fucking her for hours. Naked British girls with green eyes are so attractive!

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Then by sending this photo she said , “I am going to washroom. Will need your dick any minute. Will let you know when my parents go outside for dinner.”

Seeing her lusty pink lips with her pink bra and that pink–dotted panty made me wanna jump right into my car and fuck her right now.  

Amateur Tennis Player Nude in Shower

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Then she sent me a bundle of naked selfshots and went offline. She is like the perfect tennis player with the most arousing sexual curves I have ever seen. Wish I could jump in the shower with Eva and let her stroke my boner with some soap.

British Naked selfie in shower

Oh, man the shower. I can hear the sound of water splashing on her vagina. Will definitely splash my wet dick there. We can totally have comfortable juicy sex in that bathtub.

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What a figure I must say. Just want to have every sip of her left boob getting wet. Looks like she shaves her vagina hair very intelligently to make it look attractive. 

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I am sure fucking her in that position would be a lot comfortable. With her legs opened so widely like this, she seems capable of doing all sex positions easily. I already knew she is quite flexible. This proves everything!

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Seeing this naked ass selfshot made me come to a decision. If I don’t fuck her tonight, I will fuck her in the car tomorrow in the same position. Just want to bite every inch of her bum.

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I am glad she sent me this nude teen photo. I was imagining what position would be best to fuck her to the core. This position seems just perfect. I will definitely make her grab that corner of the bed and I will bang her from behind until the bed breaks out.

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I must say, Eva’s perfectly fit body from all angles is one to fuck for sure. She just looks amazing in these naked selfshot pics. I enjoyed watching these 18 Teens Nudes so much. It was my pleasure to share this sex story with thi my British green-eyed girl with you guys!

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