Meet Lucy, the Polish Brunette College Girl who knows a lot

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When you are at university, you will see how all of your classmates are doing. Some are really smart, while others are helpful. In this case Lucy, a slim sexy brunette college girl from Poland who wants to help everyone. Last week Lucy sent me these wild pictures and asked me to write something about her. Although in this FappBlog we don’t have full naked pics of this hottie. But these are still super horny.

Lucy is a pretty girl, who is always willing to help her classmates. She is always visiting some boys to help them with the tasks they have. Sometimes they will visit Lucy in her room on Campus.

This starts to seem curious when more and more guys want to spend time with this sexy brunette. Although she seems a bit funny, hides something else behind that spontaneous smile.

I investigated a little more about this babe and I was right, she hides something, something dirty and forbidden. That is only available to those who ask to “study with her” or perhaps study her, as it is at what that is dedicated.

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It turns out that this brunette college girl has more knowledge than we all expected. She has no inhibitions to show it to her peers and not peers. The funny babe you see teaches everyone what good sex should be and is an expert on this subject, as her disciples chase her day and night.

Look at her, playful in the shower, provoking those who come to her for something to learn. Or rather teach them something, we know that soon that towel will not exist and that is where the lesson will begin, without clothes and a lot of ‘’homework’’ to do.

Lucy is a quite complacent curious babe who likes to experiment. Perhaps that explains those study nights where only a couple of girls were allowed in the knowledge room. Seeing their mischievous and sexy expression, we deduce that this girl likes to show off and feels like having her bed constantly visited.

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Although she is a slim girl, she causes many things to be done to her. Start with her small but cute tits.  Brunettes with Tiny Tits excite me a lot. Because when fucking them from below, you can see a small bounce of them and each bounce indicates that the penetration is being rude.

The fun and hot Lucy has some really good thighs and she also looks very flexible. This means that these thighs can be completely opened for you, for me, or for those who visit her room on campus. 

How nice that we can have access to those legs and the tight vagina between them. Honestly, after seeing that image, the only thing that comes to my mind is to lay down between her legs and slowly strip off these pants and eat that pussy. Can’t wait to see her fully naked. Hopefully, soon she will send me the nudes!

I would go up to her legs, almost up to her head,. Only then I could have full access to her vagina, make it feel complete, entering and leaving, first with a gentle rhythm. This brunette College Girl has no idea what will happen to her.

I would put it in slowly so that she feels how it is getting in. From the point to the base, sticking my penis to her with all my strength, so that she knows that I am the best of her campus companions. Then I would take it out with the same slowness so that she can feel every inch of my big dick leaving her body.

After few years in college, I bet Lucy is an expert in fucking. Maybe she will not pass the school exam but she can definitely graduate for ‘’Porn expert’’ and work in the adult industry if can’t find another job.

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In this photo, we can appreciate Lucy’s teen body. What stands out the most is her beautiful ass and tiny tits. The guy who visits her would surely not know how to fuck a good ass like that and waste it. Should let me do that, people call me the ‘’Ass Expert’’. I recommend you take a look at the naked Ass of Wailana Geisen. Damn, that is my ”Ass queen” on HOT Teens.

This is why college babe needs someone more experienced, who knows how to fuck that huge ass as I do.  At this position, you only need to put that thong aside and slowly put your dick inside and grab those titties and increase the fucking speed. The second part will be banging her in Doggystyle. But before fucking her, I would put my face on that ass and lick her ass a little while I squeeze her butt with my hands. I would suck intensely and while she is enjoying it, I would place one of my fingers in the entrance of her ass, without stopping to lick it.

I would insert my finger little by little and accustom it to the penetration by moving it in a circular way. Finally, I would remove my finger, to put the very hard cock that I have. So I put the tip in his ass so that she prepares for what is coming. I would put it slowly but without a break so that she cries a bit and finally surrenders to the pleasure of anal sex. For me, this is the perfect ass, that I can play with it every day. Do you like this ass or are you more of a boob guy? Comment below and I might surprise you with more Dirty Nudes!