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Meet Zasha. A Russian teenager, I met recently at a cosplay party organized by my childhood friend in his house. The moment I saw her, I immediately realized, she is the most beautiful and sexiest Touwa Erio cosplay ever. 

When I asked my friend about her background, he said , she is here for a modeling interview. Then she will go back to Russia. When I heard she will go back, then my mind was set only in one thought. i.e. to fuck her tonight no matter what.   

I never thought a Russian teen could replicate a Japanese cosplay character so perfectly, that even the original Japanese cosplay called “Towa Erio” can’t match her. So I forced my friend to introduce myself to her and then magic happened. She wanted to go washroom and I, the luckiest one, immediately took the initiative and somehow I managed to take her through the public into my friends king size private room, upstairs. 

I locked the door so tightly that no one could come in until my biggest fantasy gets fulfilled tonight. The moment I turned towards her she was already onto something.

Touwa Erio Cosplayer Half-Naked

Touwa Erio Big Boobs Cosplay

This. I mean before I could begin she already stripped open her top to arouse my big white penis. She started teasing me with this look and took over my fantasy land.

These half naked Big Oppai and this sharp look from her one eye was enough to arouse my wet dick.   

Big Tits Cosplay in Lingerie

She slowly sat down like she owned the floor. At this time we were having conversation only through eyes. For a moment , I got confused. What would happen if she won’t allow me to see those perfect round big oppai? Then it all became cleared in the next step.

White Girl in Touwa Erio Costume

Her slow lift of skirt and seeing her white and blue striped penty, aroused my dick to penetrate right from this distance through her cosplayer vagina.

Her perfectly shaped legs represents she never miss a single day of exercise.

Big Oppai Cosplay Nudes

She signaled me to come forward with her evergreen smile. When I got a closer look of her body and her legs, my mind was increasing the meter of her beauty. The more I get closer to her the more beautiful she gets.

Big Boobs Cosplay blue

At this moment, looking straight into her eye, I felt like I am in animation world. I was failing to differentiate between reality and animation. She was so perfect in every way.

Her cute fake-injured eye made me felt like the only super doctor available in this world to cure her. Seeing the beginning of nipple area of her left boob made me wanna rip that top off in one go. This was the moment I knew where the Hot Cosplay Porn Session will start.

Getting Ready for the Naked Touwa Erio Cosplayer

Touwa Erio Cosplay Babe

I was losing my patience with her face so close to my dick. And finally , without a second thought I opened and took my hard penis out and pushed it inside of her mouth, through her lusty sweet lips.

Being my luckiest day on the planet, she started licking my penis upside down like she was hungry since months.

Towa Erio Cosplay Babe

Then she immediately got up and told me to rip that penty off and lick her pussy for half n hour. I felt like she was waiting for me her whole life to fulfill all of her sexual desires. I wonder if she was spying on me.

Towa Erio Sexy Cosplay Girl

Then we both surrendered to the sex god. I turned her around and fucked her by pushing her sensual body against the wall. Seeing her Touwa Erio cosplay butt made me so wild that I started spanking her ass. And she started loving it. 

Big Tits Towa Erio Costume

Seeing her standing like this, I couldn’t decide whether I should look into her mesmerizing eyes or her big round ass. Maybe a better option to open her sexy black bra to unveal those big oppai. But I grab her juicy ass and slapped it until it had a mark of my hand. 

Huge Oppai Blue Cosplayer

After we were done with endless sex whole night. She herself told me to take some naughty photos to make this moment memorable. Even in this simple t shirt and plain penty, she made everything look perfect. 

Squeeze Oppai with Blue Hair

This was the time when sun was facing towards the wall. She looked at me so attractively that I couldn’t stop pressing her super soft big oppai.

Big Oppai Unleashed

Naked Oppai with Blue Hair

With this flashing tits look, all I can say is all her natural beauty was shining like a star. 

Touwa Erio Vagina Cosplay Nude

When I took this naked Touwa Erio cosplay picture, I was like “ How I am going to live without this killer costume bitch. Just want to sleep by inserting my penis into this pussy and lock my hand by pressing her nude boobs”.

Towa Erio Vagina Cosplay Nude

Her insane curves, her way to flash her big oppai perfectly without showing nipples and her shining sky blue hairs ,which were about to set a trend in fashion industry. It was a memorizing day with this naked Touw Erio cosplayer. Hope Zasha has a great journey back to Russia.

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